Friday, June 26, 2015

Author Adrian Brooks: The Matthew Shepherd Foundation

Today, when Marriage Equality has become national law, I'm especially moved to have my anthology THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY included and praised on the Facebook page of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. The organization founded by his parents seeks to replace hate with love and bigotry with understanding. I am proud that Judy Shepard consented to be interviewed for my book and honored to offer my services in whatever way/s I can to further their mission.

This is time for joy and celebration. Even so, as long as any LGBTQI person is subjected to brutality- be it psychological or physical- the work of the Matthew Shepard Foundation remains crucial and, potentially, life-saving. As such, while we take justifiable pride in the Supreme Court ruling, let's bear in mind the sacrifices, which led to this transformation, Matthew Shepard being one of those who fell on the way to the United States enshrining Human Rights in this astounding way.